Using automated manufacturing processes, PMI can achieve an unparalleled level of quality. However, increases in quality and consistency are not the only advantage of automation. Automating the manufacturing process greatly reduces per piece costs by the minimizing labor to make the part.

Operations capable of manufacturing goods without any operator intervention are called “lights out manufacturing.” Lights out manufacturing not only eliminates operator labor from the cost of the part, it allows production to run 24 hours a day, which results in shorter lead times and the ability to fill rush orders.

If production volumes suddenly increase, management has the option to run equipment for an additional shift or over the weekend without hiring additional staff or incurring overtime expenses.

By utilizing the automation technology available today, PMI can produce parts with superior quality at prices that are competitive with many offshore manufacturers.

We are able to provide much shorter lead times than offshore vendors, which allows customers to keep lower inventory levels on hand, leading to even more cost savings.

By selecting a supplier who has integrated automation into their manufacturing capabilities, companies are no longer forced to choose between cost and quality.

Selecting a supplier who focuses on advanced manufacturing technology with a high level of automation offers both a cost effective and high-quality manufacturing solution.