Turnkey Component and Complex Assemblies

In addition to leading the industry in fabrication services, Precision Metal Industries offers professional assembly solutions. We provide Turnkey Component and Complex Assemblies for a variety of electrical and electronic equipment.

Turnkey Assembly Services

We work as your one-stop service provider for all types of projects, from product drafting and manufacturing to assembly and delivery of the custom end product. This allows our team to fully support the unique needs and challenges of any complex assembly project, especially those in need of customer-specific or specially parts.

Turnkey Assembly offers access to our team’s deep expertise, reliable manufacturing work, and efficient production — all with professional speed, and all without the cost of overhead, inventory, or facility needs for our customers.

  • We meet any kind of parts assembly provided in PDF file formats
  • Our team can easily accommodate both small and large production runs
  • We take time to thoroughly source customer provided drawings, produce, and assemble parts according to every project’s unique specifications
  • We are happy to integrate custom components, such as customer-provided LCDs and panels, into final enclosures and assemblies
  • Our expert machinists and engineers provide installation and integration of electronic component assemblies and building systems that comply with all customer specifications
  • We supply complete, delivered units according to specialized customer requirements

Precision Metal Industries professionally handles the assembly of fabricated sheet metal parts, and our team can add the appropriate hardware, screws, and other parts needed to any assembly in the most efficient manner.

Industries and Specialties

As a leading provider of metal fabrication and assembly services to a wide range of industries, the skilled personnel at PMI utilize state-of-the-art machines and equipment. You can find PMI components and turnkey assemblies in:

  • Defense/Military
  • Medical
  • Aerospace/Avionics
  • Energy
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Custom Projects

Custom Work and Certifications

Our custom assembly processes are organized, efficient, and able to meet your unique specifications. We are committed to providing top quality service from fabrication to finishing to assembly. Not only do we conform to every project’s unique set of requirements, but PMI is also certified as a top-quality manufacturer based on rigorous industry standards.

We not only meet, but surpass the requirements specified in ISO 9001 for high performance commercial and military applications. PMI is also registered with SAM: CCR & ORCA, as well as ITAR. For more details on our specialty certifications, visit our full listing here.

We’re proud to offer full manufacturing services at PMI, with the capabilities to handle any assembly project, as well as specialty fabrication, finishing, and more. No matter your challenge, both of our facilities are equipped with advanced engineering, computer, and manufacturing equipment capable of handling both large and small production runs, ready to enhance and support your assembly projects.

Contact our team today to see how we can help with your next turnkey or complex assembly solution.