Custom Manufacturing Engineering

Quality engineering are the first step to success in any project. Precision Metal Industries uses a customer-focused strategy of assistance supported with top-of-the-line equipment as we keep pace with rapidly evolving technology requirements. No matter the challenge in your project, our team has the experience and the tools to help find the best solution from the start.

In-house Engineering

We provide manufacturing engineering services for fabrication and machining jobs from the beginning stages to final finishing. With a complete arsenal of precision CNC machines and press brakes — in addition to cutting, welding, and specialized finishing services — our team can engineer fabricated parts or reverse engineer manufacturing processes based on client requests.

Our Fabrivision Flat Part Coordinate Measuring Machines (CCMs) offer sophisticated technology to support any reverse engineering project. Combining this with additional sophisticated technology and capable engineers gives PMI an unmatched ability to offer assistance through creation. Our team works closely with our clients on new projects and prototypes as well as redevelopment strategies to strengthen the profitability of existing assets.

  • PMI offers specialized manufacturing engineering as supportive services for our in-house machining and fabrication jobs
  • Our technology includes top-quality software systems such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to manufacturing parts
  • Our team puts service first, assisting our clients with every step of rebuilding their existing work, as well as advice in sorting out issues related to tolerances and material selection
  • PMI has a team of expert engineers who specialize in machine and parts, reverse engineering, SolidWorks, and advanced parametric solid modeling
  • Our engineers conduct finite element analysis for engineered components as part of our quality strategy
  • We are fully equipped with Fabrivision Flat Part CMMs with high resolution cameras to reverse engineer parts by inspecting, measuring, and digitizing any part into a CAD model

Industries and Specialties

Our experienced team has worked from preliminary stages right up to final finishing for projects in a wide range of industries. We’ve created projects and custom parts with unique applications in multiple fields, including:

  • Defense/Military
  • Medical
  • Aerospace/Avionics
  • Energy
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Custom projects

Custom Work and Certifications

Our goal at PMI is to be your partner for the entire manufacturing process, from high quality finishing. Our extensive track record of helping clients simplify and streamlining work is further supported by the most rigorous industry certifications for metal manufacturing, including ISO 9001.

To see more of the details and the complete listing of our certifications and credentials, visit our certifications page.

We’re proud to offer manufacturing engineering services to help our clients avoid unnecessary costs and create an improved final product. Our passionate, experienced engineers support the PMI values of 100% Quality, 100% Delivery, working closely on every project to find the best solution possible.

Contact us today to see how we can help find your next manufacturing engineering solution.