Automated Finishing at PMI

As a single source supplier, PMI offers top services from the very first step of a project’s draft through the final steps of its custom finish. We’re proud to offer an experienced team of finishing experts and an arsenal of fully automated equipment, including an all-new automated paint line, as well as automated CARC and powder coating options.

automated-finishing1Automated Finishing Services

Our team works with a full range of finishing services, including our automated finishing line. You’ll find experts at PMI in a variety of finish work, including:

  • CARC and powder coating
  • Liquid painting
  • Metal component finishing
  • Paint finish engineering
  • Paint and finish
  • Screen printing

Our all new Automated Paint Line serves a wide range of projects with key finishing equipment, including:

  • New conveyer
  • New oven
  • New paint booths
  • CARC and powder coating capabilities

We are fully outfitted with a number of spray booths and ovens, all of which are utilized for the application of wet paint and powder coating on parts. Our wet painting services are VOC compliant, allowing us to apply oil-based epoxy paints.

We also offer silk screening for printing logos or intricate work on specific parts of any material. Our in-house silk screening service includes the creation of screens for the printing process.

Industries and Specialties


We have the unique ability to provide complete finishing services for any surface finishing process. This includes our in-house liquid painting, CARC and powder coating, and industry-specific out-sourced specialty finishing, such as electroplating.

We offer an array of finishing services to ensure the protection of sheet metal parts and other components that we fabricate. We can also consult on additional services provided by our partners, including anodizing and electroplating, in order to meet your project’s particular needs.

Our custom finishes provide ideal surfaces for many industries, including:

Custom Work and Certifications

Your requirements and specifications are our top priority from start to finish. We are committed to providing quality precision metal fabrication with the custom finish to protect your parts and enhance the final product’s aesthetics, performance, and even service life.

In addition to our VOC compliance for oil-based epoxy paints, PMI exceeds the high demands of ISO 9001 for top suppliers in the military and manufacturing industries. Learn more about all of our certifications here.

At PMI, it’s our goal to take projects through every step of the manufacturing process with high quality and affordable service, and our automated finishing and specialty finishing work are no exception. Our engineering, metal fabrication, and metal joining services are even more valuable when treated with a custom finish for lasting performance.

We believe in 100% Quality, 100% Delivery, from the first draft of a project to the finished surface. Contact our expert finishing team today to see how a specialty CARC, liquid paint or powder coat finish could enhance your next project.

Contact us today to learn more about how PMI can assist you with your next project.