Custom Medical Enclosures

Diagnostic equipment, whether for use in the medical industry or any place where a high use work station is needed, require durability and thoughtful engineering to maximize usability and service life. Made of many components, each part of the supply chain must adhere to these tenets.

An example of a successful execution can be found in the Soteria Cardiac Platform highlighted here. This innovative system is designed to give hospitals, clinics, and physicians a new tool in the fight against Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

It utilizes a highly advanced, noninvasive approach that provides a safe, painless, and easy to administer test. These features have made it a very popular diagnostic tool in the medical industry.

Another enclosure we worked on was for a machine utilized in hematology laboratories. This cellular-analysis machine required a unique enclosure for some serious high-tech wiring. We were able to create something long lasting that increased turnaround time and success rates of hematology labs around the globe. Success stories such as the Soteria Cardiac Platform or the cellular-analysis machine can be only made possible by a multi-faceted manufacturing process.

Medical Enclosure Fabrication

At PMI we are proud to play a vital role in the manufacturing and ultimate success of this product by fabricating the required enclosures and completing the final assembly. We specialize in metal fabrication and understand the real world challenges that medical devices will face in the field.

When fabricating enclosures we take into account more than just delivering robust features. Electronics, controls, and hardware must all be taken into consideration, and not merely for assembly. A good design will also provide ease of maintenance and repair, and leave accommodations for future upgrades.

In addition, it must also allow for easy use and movement by the operator, and take into account any other ergonomic considerations. Fabrication can only begin after the design has been fully vetted and verified, and a detailed production process is laid out.

Planning Enclosures

There is more to forming enclosures than meets the eye; planning and precision are a critical factor. The ability to create tight tolerances ensures that individual components fit and work to the design intent. Selecting the correct finish for the application is another very important factor.

The Soteria Cardiac Platform is mobile and is meant to move in and out of exam rooms; this means that over its life it will be constantly bumped and banged. Though the finish does not play a structural role, the aesthetic factor is very important in this application.

At PMI, our ability to provide insight and apply our many years of fabrication and materials knowledge into the production of this product play a key role in its success. To learn more about this product, or the processes used to manufacture it, contact PMI today.

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