Custom Avionics Sheet Metal Fabrication

No modern aircraft, satellite, or spacecraft can operate without highly complex avionics. If sensitive avionics are not operating at full capacity or become damaged, the lives of tens, if not hundreds, are at risk.

All aerospace manufacturers rely on precision sheet metal parts, chassis, and enclosures to protect their avionics from the harsh environments inherent in air and space travel.

At Precision Metal Industries, we are proud to be a leader in the manufacturing of components for the avionics industry. Our custom avionics enclosures are in use across the world in a variety of aerospace equipment including commercial and military aircraft, space vehicles, and satellites.

Quality Guaranteed

As you might imagine, components that go into such intricate machines, must meet the most demanding standards imaginable. Thanks to our outstanding team of manufacturers PMI is able meet or exceed a wide range of standards and certifications including:

  • ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D
  • ITAR
  • SAM: CCR & ORCA Registered (CAGE: 0KHJ5)
  • JCO
  • All applicable military and civilian specifications

Your Avionics Turnkey Manufacturer

To create the perfect avionics enclosures and parts, PMI relies on over a quarter century of experience and our Pompano Beach, Florida facilities that offer our customers an impressive selection of services including:

  • Computer shop floor and engineering systems
  • Automated robotic welding and laser cutting
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Turret Press Fabrication
  • Multiple Certified Welders
  • Punch Press Stamping

PMI uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture our avionics enclosures and we achieve some of the industry’s tightest tolerances.

Unlike other avionics enclosure providers, PMI takes our clients from initial concept, all the way to installation. Because this work is so demanding, our expert staff utilizes AutoCAD and SolidWorks to craft parts, chassis, and enclosures for every type of avionic equipment. PMI also excels in PLC programming, reverse engineering, and advanced parametric solid modeling.

To discover why PMI is in the top 1% of our industry, and how we can assist you in creating the right avionics sheet metal part, chassis, or enclosure, please contact one of our experts for a quote today. To learn more about PMI’s outstanding facilities we offer tours upon request.

Projects We’ve Worked On

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