Gregory S. Wilson

PMI is a company founded by Gregory S. Wilson, who is also its chairman of the board. As a visionary leader, over 40 years ago, Greg had a vision that aimed to create a culture of excellence, set an exceptional quality standard, and build a team that embodies his values of integrity and service. With the establishment of PMI, this vision became a reality. Greg is proud of the job security that PMI provides to its employees. The company’s culture prioritizes the well-being of its staff, enabling them to take care of their families and build a career with ongoing support. In 2007, Greg instituted PMI to become an ESOP company, which grew to 100% ESOP in 2012. This has enabled employees to become owners of the company, which fosters an environment of collaboration and trust.

PMI is an embodiment of the American Dream, and its success is attributed to the trust and support of its customers and suppliers, who form an integral part of its team. The company has been featured continuously in the INC. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies and has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Manufacturers in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal. Additionally, Greg has been honored as the Top Entrepreneur Honoree by  Business Leader Magazine.

Gregory S. Wilson, Jr.
Vice President & General Manager

Greg Wilson Jr. is a highly experienced and accomplished leader who currently serves as the President of PMI, overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations. With over two decades of dedicated service to PMI, Greg has worked his way up from the ground floor and held numerous leadership roles throughout his career. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in various manufacturing processes, including CNC Programming for Machining, Laser Cutting, Robotic Welding, and 3D Vision Systems. One of Greg’s major accomplishments was his role in the startup and design of PMI’s Automated Container Production Line, which has been instrumental in streamlining operations and driving growth for the company. His extensive expertise and exceptional leadership have played a vital role in expanding PMI’s customer base and driving profitable revenue growth. Above all, Greg takes great pride in leading a team of passionate professionals who share PMI’s unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. He is a vital asset to the company, and his dynamic leadership style has been a key factor in making PMI a highly successful and innovative player in the manufacturing industry.

Robert Hornick
Vice President & Operations Manager

Robert Hornick is the Vice President of Operations at Precision Metal Industries, where he has been working since 1990. With an extensive background in operations management, Bob is a highly accomplished and strategic leader. He started his career over thirty years ago as a welder in the sheet metal manufacturing business and has since become a certified aerospace welder with over 20 years of commercial welding experience in all phases. Today, Bob oversees all daily physical operations of both facilities and has implemented streamlined processes, innovative technologies, and performance metrics to enhance productivity and reduce costs. A strong advocate for safety in the workplace, Bob places a high priority on creating and maintaining a safe work environment. He has successfully implemented safety programs that have significantly reduced incidents and accidents and ensures that all production equipment and machinery are meticulously cared for. He works closely with finance, engineers, managers, and other departments to create synergies and maximize the overall effectiveness of PMI. Known for his perseverance and resilience, Bob is a respected leader who continues to shape the landscape of operations management.

Donna D. Richards
Business Development
Donna has been an integral part of the team at PMI for the past 15 years, and provides our company with extensive expertise in MRP & ERP systems, inventory analysis, production planning and master scheduling. Donna previously spent time at Motorola where she was afforded the opportunity to train in Six Sigma, Early Supplier Involvement for Manufacturability; all making her a huge part of our team’s success. Donna has been charged with managing, developing and growing new accounts, specifically those in the defense, aerospace and medical industries. With a keen focus on customer service, Donna works to create positive long term relationships with our clients in the pursuit of mutual success.
Robert LeBlanc, Jr.
Senior Estimator & Inside Sales
Bob LeBlanc has been working in precision sheet metal manufacturing for nearly 40 years, and is the go-to expert at PMI  when it comes to creating competitive quotes for our customers. With a thorough understanding of blueprints, various metals and hardware, and shop floor logistics, Bob is able to propose the most cost-effective way to create our partners’ next precision sheet metal solution.

Scott Eggleston
Quality Control Manager
Creating superior products is our top priority at PMI, so having a premier Quality Control Manager is of the highest importance. With 20+ plus years in the manufacturing and machining industry, Scott Eggleston manages our quality department, assessing customer requirements and product specifications, and ensuring that PMI is continuously meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations . Validating processes, providing proper documentation, and working with our quality team, Scott strives each day to assure consistent quality in each of our production processes.
Steven Schierbaum

Steven Schierbaum’s journey at PMI is an inspiration to many. Starting as an operator on the production floor, he worked up to become the Plant Manager. His belief in being the change he wants to see in the world has propelled him to seize every growth opportunity that came his way. His extensive experience in different roles, including assembly line loader, shipping and receiving manager, and assistant production manager, has given him a deep understanding of the production process and how to coordinate operations seamlessly. After spending over a decade with PMI, Steven has consistently demonstrated leadership, strategic vision, and a commitment to operational excellence. Having led various key roles, Steven has successfully led teams to achieve production goals, optimize processes, and ensure the highest standards of quality. His leadership style is characterized by a hands-on approach, a focus on continuous improvement, and a dedication to cultivating a positive and productive work environment. Steven’s ability to navigate challenges and adapt to industry changes has contributed to the overall success at PMI. Steven’s positive attitude, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to PMI, and his colleagues look up to him as a role model. Steven holds a Crestcom certificate for leadership.

Thomas McGrail

Thomas McGrail’s career journey has been one of hard work and dedication. Starting as an automotive mechanic, he transitioned to the sheet metal industry in 2004, where he worked as a service engineer for Amada America. His skills and expertise led him to be promoted to Prima North America’s service coordinator. During this time, Thomas was responsible for installing and servicing a laser for PMI, a company he would later join. Tom began his career at PMI as a quality inspector for the Hellfire Missile Program with Lockheed Martin. His attention to detail and dedication to quality soon earned him a promotion to Plant Manager.

Tom’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction led him to be promoted to Account Manager because he consistently demonstrates a keen understanding of customer needs and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Throughout Tom’s career, he has been a customer advocate, ensuring that their needs are met, and their expectations are exceeded.

He has a proven track record of building solid relationships with clients, providing innovative solutions to their challenges, and delivering results that drive business growth. Tom is passionate about his work and takes great pride in his ability to help customers achieve their goals, knowing that the parts and products manufactured at PMI are sourced from the best materials and built to the highest standards. He stays abreast of industry trends and technological advances, always seeking to improve his skills and knowledge. With his exceptional work ethic and dedication to customer satisfaction, it’s no surprise that Tom has become a respected leader in his field. His commitment to quality is reflected in the numerous certifications he holds, including Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Amada SSC Software and Machine Training, Service Engineer Training Certificate from Prima Power Technology and Training Center, and the prestigious 2017 Eagle Award of Excellence presented by PMI for exceptional service with an outstanding quality record.

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson is a skilled human resource manager with a background in recruitment, employee relations, and organizational development. She has successfully implemented strategic HR initiatives to drive growth and foster a positive work culture. She is deeply committed to continuous learning and professional development, staying updated on industry trends and best practices. She is known for her ability to build strong relationships with employees and leadership, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. Jennifer is committed to driving positive change within PMI and firmly believes in the power of human capital to drive success. She is passionate about developing and implementing people strategies that enable PMI to achieve its business objectives. Her commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to the company’s success has made her a valuable asset to PMI.