Plant managers and occasionally engineers need to put cost high—if not first—on their list of priorities when approaching a project. Achieving cost savings throughout the enterprise can be the most important goal for a business. Companies can often meet this goal by introducing a fundamental change in their systems and procedures—automation.

For metal stampers and manufacturers, automation can include introducing robotic welding systems. Robotic welding can have many benefits to your facility’s safety and efficiency, the quality of your product, and ultimately your company’s bottom line.

Here are three ways automated robotic welding is superior to manual welding.



One of the biggest advantages of adopting robotic welding systems is that every welded product will be completely consistent with each other. You can use software to program your equipment and procedures according to the specifications of your project. The result will be that every product will have the characteristics that you need.

In addition to consistent weld integrity, automated systems like mechanized torch and electronic recall will also make sure you have consistent quality control. Every welded product can go through programmed quality assurance procedures that check every inch to ensure it has the properties you need.

You can also have only a few operators and team members manually inspect the final product for an extra layer of quality assurance. Without automation, you would need many more operators to look at the final result.

24-Hour Operation

Obviously, machines aren’t human. They won’t need the same kind of maintenance or rest periods. This means that robotic welding processes can run for much longer than with a manual crew. You can carry out any number of repetitive tasks, producing parts and components at all hours of the day without having to worry about employee schedules.

Robotic welding not only cuts down on man hours and saves time, but also lets you decide input parameters for highly repeatable output. Together, these factors add up to big savings for your company.


By automating your welding procedures, you can rest assured that every product will be welded accurately every time. Robotic welding ensures that each weld will take place exactly the same every time and reduce human error. This accuracy will also lower the amount of debris, revisions in the event of mistakes, and require less manpower, thus saving you time and money.

To learn more about robotic welding and the benefits it can have for your systems, contact Precision Metal Industries today. We have decades of experience with robotic welding solutions, using our expertise to deliver reliable high-quality parts and components for your project needs.