When it’s time to choose a metal fabricator for your company’s next project, there are many considerations to factor in. The industry is constantly changing with the advent of newer technologies; therefore, it’s important to find a manufacturer that keeps up-to-date with these latest trends.


Thanks to advanced fabrication equipment, automation can be used to simplify many manufacturing processes. As a result, manufacturers can achieve greater accuracy, significantly enhancing your finished products.

Higher Quality, Better Value

Automation improves the productivity of modern processes, which in turn leads to higher quality parts and notable cost savings. These improvements are the direct result of using newer machinery with better software integration and cutting tools that are extremely precise.

Automation, in combination with state-of-the-art machinery, allows manufacturers to achieve tighter tolerances and shorter lead times.

New Technology at PMI

At Precision Metal Industries (PMI), we utilize advanced technology to offer superior quality products to our clients. Many of our processes-such as laser cutting, robotic welding, press brake and even our paint line—are automated to ensure the most repeatable results.

PMI’s laser cutting capabilities include a fast setup time and around-the-clock production. Our team can create metal products in any geometric shape with unmatched precision and speed at low cost. The robotic welder we utilize has a configured cell that produces flawless welds at a constant rate, and the automated paint line moves products through smoothly, quickly with minimal human interaction.One of our newest, and most impressive machines is our automated press brake. This machine moves with speed an accuracy previously unavailable to a sheet metal shop.

Our Philosophy

Unlike other companies, PMI views new technology as an investment, rather than an expense. Part of our philosophy is investing our profits back into the company; this keeps us ahead of the competition and ensures that we provide affordable pricing options to our customers.

PMI’s commitment to continuous improvement has kept us in the top 1% of suppliers in our industry. We’re more interested in the sustainability of our business and building long-term relationships than providing one-off solutions to clients—for this reason, we were awarded the title of 2014 Small Business of the Year by Lockheed Martin.

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