When procuring a sheet metal supplier, there are certain details to look for at a first glance. For instance, you want to find a company that not only has the capabilities (machinery) to produce parts to your exact specifications, but one that has the talent and experience as well. Parts must not only be cut cleanly and efficiently, they must be bent to tolerance and welded with durability in mind. That being said, the manufacturing of these parts is only a fraction of the process.


Most projects are more than just “one and done.” This is why you must find a manufacturer with the groundwork in place to create efficient repeat production runs. With each subsequent order, the manufacturer should maintain or even reduce the lead time, and produce parts of the same quality as the first run.

Designers and engineers should also avoid the urge to obtain short term savings over long term quality. It can be tempting to procure prototypes and orders for the lowest price possible. However, a manufacturer based on price alone usually leads to long term losses

Reliable manufacturers stay at the cutting edge of the industry when it comes to upgrading equipment and thus expanding capabilities. These businesses will expand their facilities, which in turn helps lower lead times even further.

Of course, these manufacturers must also hire and train new employees to make sure that efficiency and quality remain. Speaking of quality, the manufacturers will not only have laser cutters, press brakes, robotic welders, etc., they’ll also invest in the latest equipment to help with quality control, not to mention having an in-house engineering team that can help with maximizing the efficiency of a design.

PMI has put in the measures to create your parts with all the factors above in mind. We have documented exactly how we accomplish these steps in our eBook, Save Money and Improve Quality On Your Complex Sheet Metal Assembly AT THE SAME TIME. Contact us for more specific information about how we can achieve your project goals.